Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We bought a house!

Friends, family, and randoms,
K+D here. Guess what? We bought a house! And we couldn't be more excited about it. No more tiptoeing around on the third floor, pulling our hair out dealing with the apartment front office people, stuffing our belongings in tiny storage closets, or crappy parking situations because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! (Have I said that yet?)

Now that we've officially lived here for 2 months and tackled our first few project makeovers, we decided to start this to simply share our progress.  We realize we're now those people who have a home DIY blog but we hope this will be less annoying than blowing up all of our friends phones and social media sites with pictures. So here is first of hopefully many posts about success (or not-so-success) stories we'll have with our McEntire house makeover. Peace!

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  1. Hello McEntires, Your home looks beautiful, and I, like you, have been there with the whole living out of storage sheds and apartments. It's taken me months to makeover my home, but it's so very worth it. I think most fun part of the whole process is taking before and after pics to show off later! Congratulations on the new home as well!