Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Paint Furniture The Long Way

I haven't posted a project on here in a while but that doesn't mean we have a shortage of projects...It just means I'm a slacker. My bad! A while ago, (like long while) I ventured into my first furniture painting project. I've had this side table sitting in my garage for a while just screaming for some TLC.
Normally this is where I insert my DIY play by play in great detail. I won't be doing that this time. Here's why: I painted this side table almost exactly like I painted our kitchen cabinets. I.e. Deglossing, sanding, priming, painting. It's the no-shortcuts, will-last-you-a-lifetime kind of way. It's a great method and all but now there's a magical thing called chalk paint that takes a fraction of the time. You're probably wondering why I didn't use chalk paint for this table. Good question. I didn't have chalk paint just yet, and I thought I'd use materials I already had handy (read: free).
Here's a quick run down on how I transformed my little table. I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

What do you think??