Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Once in a Blue Door

I have a little A.D.D. in me. I'll admit it. Devin would argue I have more than 'a little' but what does he know? I can do my fair share of focusing but I tend to get preoccupied when it comes to home renovating. We will  start a project and if it's taking longer than expected, I find myself getting antsy and looking towards the next project. I'm pretty bad about starting a new project before finishing the last one. I get it from my mom (sorry mom). Luckily my dad and husband keep us both on track. Gotta love those Type A Personalities. This project is a prime example of me starting a project in the middle of another one. We were in the middle of painting the half bath (remember...the night scape one that was miserably painful to paint) and I decided that I'd start another project that would provide more instant gratification. Let me tell you...this project definitely put a little pep in my step and it was one of the easiest projects to date.

I've been seeing painted doors everywhere. Like this one.

And this one

And this one.

How cute are they?! After seeing those, I couldn't look at our boring, old white door the same. So off to Lowe's I went to find a color. I decided on blue because  A.) If you haven't noticed, we're fans of blue...i.e. our chandelier, our laundry room, our half bath, our newly upholstered dining chairs... B.) I wanted a color that wasn't too neutral but also wasn't too outlandish. I chose 'Distance' by Sherwin Williams but I had Lowe's formulate it since the Valspar sample cans are cheaper. I spent a whopping $3.20 on paint. True story.

Lucky for me, the back of our front door was already painted white AKA No stripping/deglossing/sanding/priming involved. Yahoo!! 

 The prep was easy. I simply removed the hardware, and taped off the hinges and glass.

 And then I just painted away. I didn't bother with a roller, I used a brush on the whole thing. It took 2-3 coats for nice coverage and a total of about 3 hours for the entire project. I'd say half that time was spent waiting on each coat to dry.
If I'm being completely honest with you, the color turned out a little lighter than I was anticipating. I was aiming more on the Navy side than this Air Force blue. It just goes to show how you can't pick colors based solely on color swatches. I still really love this color though so we can call it a happy accident. The best part is, if I get tired of the color, it's a cheap and easy fix to change in the future. I think it will really pop when we get the surrounding walls painted. We haven't done that yet because of our vaulted ceiling in the entry way. 

Here's a good view of our vaulted ceiling situation in case you're curious.
It's gonna take an extremely tall ladder or some scaffolding to get up that high. We may have to bring in the professionals to handle this one. That will be a sad day when we have to pay for someone to paint. 

But back to the door. She's a beaut.

I love this shot because it really shows how the door ties in with the dining set, chandelier, and curtains.

I'd say this project was a huge success...Even if it was in the middle of another project. Has anyone else painted the back of their front door? 

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